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How to add an additional network card to an Custom VM

All Custom virtual machines have a IP address assigned to them which is within the server's private IP subnet. (All virtual machines on the server have an IP address within the server's private IP subnet - these are globally unique across all servers, and allow remote monitoring and management of the platform).

You can find out the IP addresses of all your virtual machines from the Commissioning Console.

If you wish to give a Custom virtual machine an IP address on your LAN subnet, you can add an additional virtual network card to your virtual machine, and specify the IP address.

Note: Windows does not support defining multiple default gateways on disjoint networks. By default, with one virtual NIC, the default gateway points to the software-defined router/firewall VM on the server, which will route to and from all LAN and WAN networks that it knows about. Typically, this should not be changed, since if it is, then the direct remote management and monitoring of the VM from the cloud will be impacted. A support ticket should be raised to discuss complicated routing scenarios.

If you wish to add an additional virtual network card to a Custom virtual machine, please raise a new support request (top right of this page) with the following information:

  1. Name of Custom VM
  2. IP address you want assigned to the additional virtual network card
  3. Subnet Mask you want assigned to the additional virtual network card




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