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How to monitor file server disk space usage

You can use the Monitoring Console to view how much space space is being used on your file server, and its historic stats.

Step 1. First ensure that you are connected to the Management VPN, and then go to the Monitoring Console at Login using your management account username and password.

Step 2. Click on the Customer Dashboard link on the left hand side


Step 3. Find your server, and then click on File_Sharing


Step 4. Scroll down to File_Sharing section, and you can see that the STATE of the file server is OK (which means its online and working). Click on the HOST name, which is zfilemgr2.



Step 5. Scroll down to the SERVICE called fs_/ztank/shares, and you will see further details – how much space you have, how much is being used and an estimate of how long until the file server will be full up. In the below example you can see that 63.1% of the file server is used, which is 28.23 of 44.73GB. Based on historic usage the file server will be full in 3526566 weeks!



To view further details and graphs about the file server, click on the graph icon.



Step 6. You will now see lots of graphs which shows the historic file server usage over time. You can choose the time ranges  for the graph by selecting one of the options in the TIME RANGES section



 Here is an example graph showing the file server usage of 1 year




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