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The Gateway Control Console has a vast range of pre-configured reports available to monitor network traffic. These include Web Filtering, Viruses blocked & Bandwidth usage to name a few.

Information can be viewed in real time & Summary Reports scheduled to be sent by email to show the previous day, week & month. 


Step 1. Access the Reports application

First step is to access the Gateway Control Console in a web browser. You need to be connected to the Management VPN or directly on the LAN that has access to the server.

You can find out the URL for the Gateway Control Console from the Commissioning Console. Further instructions can be found here.

When prompted for a username and password, please use your Management user account.

Once you have accessed the home page, scroll down the rack to Reports under Services. Click on Settings to access the Reports application.

This will land you on the Reports Status page from which you can click on View Reports, View Old Reports or Generate Todays Reports:


Step 2. Creating user accounts & email recipients

In order for users to receive summary reports and access the reports application to view more detailed information; you need to create a user account for each user. 

From within the Reports application, click on the Email tab at the top

To add users click


and enter the Email Address (which is also the username). 

Tick the check box if you would like the users to receive the Summary Reports (Covered in the next section).

Tick the check box if you would like the user to have Online Access.  This will allow the user to access just the Reports application in the Gateway Control Console.  This is required if you would like the user to look at more detailed report information.

Set & confirm the new user account password.    Click Done at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Continue to add more users as required & once complete click on Apply at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Once the user account has been set up & Online Access permission has been assigned, the user will be able to log in to the Reports application.  They will not be able to access other areas of the Gateway Control Console.  Accessing the Reports application is explained later in this guide.


Step 3. Setting Summary Report frequency

From within the Reports application, click on the Generation tab at the top.

This section allows you set the frequency of the Summary Reports.

You can set the days of the week to send the Daily & Weekly Reports

Monthly Reports are disabled by default.  Data retention is set to 7 days.


If you do require this to be increased, please contact raise a new support request (top right of this page)


Step 4. Setting ‘Send From’ account & email settings

In order to receive reports by email, you need to configure an email account to send the reports from

From the Gateway Control Console’s home page click the Config tab on the left-hand side menu bar & click on Email

Select the option to send email directly

Enter in an email address in the Email From Address field


& then click on the Email Test link at the bottom.  This will prompt you to save the settings.

The next screen will ask you to enter a valid email address to send the test email to.  It is recommended that you test to recipients both internal & external.


Step 5. Choose your Reports

From within the Reports application, click on the Manage Reports tab at the top

This section allows you to view each individual report by Application / Category.

The reports are grouped by Gateway Control Console Application with the report title & description giving detail as to what the contents of the report will show.  The Type column gives information on how the report will be displayed.

To view an individual report, click on the  button in the View column for the report required.

The remove unused Application reports or unrequired reports from the Summary Report, uncheck the box in the Enabled column.    Once complete click on Apply on the bottom right hand side of the screen.



Common useful reports

You can view pre-configured reports from a couple of areas in the Reports application.

From the Status Page, you can view new reports or old reports:

Clicking on View Reports allows you to choose reports per application such as Web Filter, Virus Blocker & Bandwidth Control

Highlighting the Application & Report will give you a graphical view in the Report area:

Selecting an area from the Select Events or clicking on the View Events button at the top will show text detail for specific sessions:

Further information can be found at

Within the Manage Reports screen you can use the  in the View column to run the report required.  When the report has loaded, you can change the start date & time & also chose to leave the report on-screen & auto-refresh:

Please note, in some of the report detail you will see blocked access to & Zynstra test websites.  These run on a schedule as part of ongoing security & maintenance. These alerts can be safely ignored.

Some preconfigured reports that you may find useful are:

Virus Blocker

Virus Blocker FTP / Email / Web Summary – These reports will give you a test summary of the activity & number of virus blocks.  When the report has run, you can drill deeper in to the information by clicking on

This defaults to the last 1000 events but can be increased using the drop-down box

Web Filter

Web Usage (all) – This report will show you the web use activity hour-by-hour in a bar graph.  To view web usage details, click on

This defaults to the last 1000 events but can be increased using the drop-down box

Bandwidth Control

Bandwidth Usage – This report shows you total bandwidth usage over a period of time.

You can drill down in to more detail for individual connection sessions by clicking on


Step 6. Accessing reports from the Summary Report link

When you receive your reports by email, you will notice that there is a link which says:

Click here to view CompanyName Reports

You will need either your Management Account to access the Reports application.


The link will take to the WAN IP address that is set in Config > Network > Interfaces > Public

To access this from the LAN you will need to go to the Gateway Control Console IP which will be in the IP range as other VM’s on the same subnet:  X.X.X.129/Reports

To view these reports from outside the network, port forwarding will need to be configured.  Please see the following link for further information:


Further information

More detailed information regarding configuration can be found from the following useful links:




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