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Gateway Control Console – Bandwidth Control Reporting

This article will give you an insight in to the reports available for the Bandwidth Control application running in the Gateway Control Console.

Instructions on how to access the Gateway Control Console & the Reports application within can be found in the article Gateway Control Console - Reporting

Once you access the Reports application you will land on the Status page:

From here you click on View Reports which will take you to the following screen:

From here, click on Bandwidth Control under Applications.

You will now be able to see all of the reports available for you to run under the Select Report window. Each of these reports will give you a graphical view for a time period.

To view more detail on any of the reports click on the View Events button at the top.

This will give you more information regarding the date, time, client & server IP addresses etc.

Clicking on Export will allow you to export this to a .csv file which can be opened & organised in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.


You can also select an event from the Select Event Window which will provide more text detail for each event like the View Events button mentioned above.  These can also be exported to .csv files.


Recommended reports:

Total Bandwidth Usage

To show the total amount of bandwidth being used, click on Bandwidth Usage. This report shows the approximate averaged data transfer rate (total, sent & received) over a time period.

Bandwidth Usage Per Client

To show the sum of data transferred (sent & received) grouped by client address, click on Top Clients (by total bytes).  This report shows a graphical display of bandwidth usage per client IP address & their share in relation to total bandwidth usage in the form of a pie chart.


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