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How to Integrate with PSA Systems

ProLiant Easy Connect supports integration with Autotask and Connectwise via a dedicated cloud-based service.

Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems are often used by IT service providers to collate and manage the resolution of software and hardware issues.

Tickets generated in the ProLiant Easy Connect Support Portal, created both automatically from server alerts and manually by the Support Team, can be exported to an IT service provider’s PSA system. This optional integration allows the IT service provider to be confident that their ProLiant Easy Connect inventory is functioning correctly, and they will be alerted to any issues that either requires their attention to fix, or which has an impact on their end users’ experience.

Currently, integration is supported with ConnectWise and  Autotask’s PSA system

The ProLiant Easy Connect Support Portal, based on the popular ZenDesk platform, provides a ticketing system for logging and resolving issues. Tickets are created manually by the ProLiant Easy Connect Support Team and IT service provider, or automatically by monitoring processes on the server and in the Cloud Management Platform. Tickets can be accessed directly from the ProLiant Easy Connect Support Portal, when a user logs-in using credentials that are associated with the IT service provider.

More information about ticket types, their content, and when they are automatically generated, can be found in the Automatic Server Event Notification article.

Using the PSA integration platform the same tickets can also be exported on a regular basis to a PSA system. This takes place approximately every 5 minutes, to the IT service provider’s own PSA system.

More information about how the PSA integration works can be found in the How PSA Integration Works article.

This process is intended to create a ‘new’ ticket in the PSA, one which is under full control of the IT service provider in terms of setting priority, status and assignment to their own staff. As such, only a subset of the Support Portal data is loaded in to the PSA, and while subsequent Comments added in the Support Portal are updated in to the PSA, status and priority changes are not – Once in the PSA, the new ticket has its own lifecycle that meets the requirements of the IT service provider’s own policies and processes.

Enabling PSA Integration

An IT service provider must first set-up their account on the integration platform to authenticate to both their PSA service and ProLiant Easy Connect Support Portal account. Once this is done, the integration platform is able to poll the Support Portal for new and updated tickets, then load these in to the PSA.

A new account on the PSA integration platform must first be created by the ProLiant Easy Connect Support Team. Once an account has been created in the PSA integration platform, the IT service provider will need to follow steps to prepare the PSA system, and add account details to allow the integration platform to access the PSA and their Support Portal tickets.

Request a PSA Integration Platform Account

Submit a request (top right of this page) to the ProLiant Easy Connect Support team to be enabled on the PSA integration platform.

You should provide an email address for the owner of this integration, who will then receive an automated email asking them to set-up their PSA and Support Portal authorization.

Prepare the PSA for Integration

There are a small number of pre-requisites that must be set-up in the PSA. In particular, each HPE ProLiant Easy Connect server that is being monitored must have its Cluster ID registered in the PSA to allow proper routing of tickets. Cluster IDs can be found in the ProLiant Easy Connect Commissioning Console.

Preparing ConnectWise for Integration with Proliant Easy Connect

Preparing Autotask for Integration with ProLiant Easy Connect

PSA Integration Platform Set-up

Once you receive a welcome email for the PSA integration platform, follow its instructions to connect to the cloud-based service.

You will be required to change your temporary password, then enter authentication information to grant it access to your PSA and Support Portal account.

Configuring the ConnectWise Integration Platform
Configuring the Autotask Integration Platform

On completing this step, new Support Portal tickets will result in tickets being created in your PSA.

Disabling and removing PSA Integration

Please contacts the Support Team if you wish to disable integration between the Support Portal and your PSA.

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