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Preparing Autotask for Easy Connect Integration

This article discusses the steps taken to prepare an IT service provides Autotask PSA, for integration with the Easy Connect Support Portal. For a more general overview and the steps to set-up PSA integration please read How to Integrate with PSA Systems.

The following Autotask preparation procedures should be carried out once by the IT Service Provider and before enabling the integration via the PSA Integration Admin utility.

Create a User Defined Field for Tickets

The user defined field created in this section will be used as the primary mapping identification between the ProLiant Easy Connect Support Portal and Autotask.

  • Autotask menu > Admin > Features & Settings > Application-wide (Shared) Features > User-Defined Fields> User-Defined Fields > ‘Tickets’ Tab > New
  • Set Name to ‘ZenDesk Request ID’
  • Set Description to ‘ZenDesk Request ID’
  • Save and Close


Create a Cluster Product

In this section a product name and product category will be created for the use of associating the installed HPE Proliant Easy Connect Server to a searchable category. This purpose of creating these categories is to provide specific reporting capabilities on HPE ProLiant Easy Connect servers deployed across customers of an IT Service Provider. If these categories are not created and used to assign HPE ProLiant Easy Connect servers detailed reporting will not be available in Autotask.

  • Autotask menu > Admin > Features & Settings > Application-wide (Shared) Features > Products & Services > Products > New
  • Set Product Name to ‘HPE-RMM-Cluster’
  • Set Product Category to ‘Hardware‘
  • Save and Close



Add the Cluster IDs to Each Account

This section will be repeated for every HPE ProLiant Easy Connect server installed. Each Autotask customer account that has an HPE ProLiant Easy Connect server installed, and for each cluster that belongs to this account. This step must be performed to enable the receipt of tickets in Autotask for HPE ProLiant Easy Connect servers, if this step is not performed ticket synchronization will not occur.

  • Locate the Customer Account that uses the server you wish to receive tickets from account (e.g. via Account Search) and open it for editing
    • If the Customer Account does not exist follow PSA instructions to create one first
  • New > Configuration Item
  • Select ‘HPE-RMM-Cluster‘ for Product
  • Set Reference Number to the HPE RMM cluster ID exactly as it shows in the Commissioning Console.

Setup User Account in Autotask

When either creating or modifying a user for use with the PSA Integration Admin Utility the user account security has to be mapped to a System Administrator. Mapping it to anything else, such as Team Leader, can cause this error to occur, see below.

Instead of assigning the user to a role such as “Team Leader” in the Security section shown below, change the resources security level to “System Administrator” from the drop down list.

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