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Automatic Server Event Notification

Servers will automatically create tickets in the Support Portal to notify IT service providers for high-priority events. This allows IT service providers to receive notification via channels such as a PSA integration or email, even outside of normal support hours.

Event Types

The following events will result in a ticket being generated:

  • A service-affecting VM outage for more than 5 minutes. This includes core IT service VMs such as the Domain Controller and File Manager, as well as all Custom VMs.
  • The data volume of a Custom VM exceeding 90% utilization.
  • The user and group file share exceeding 90% utilization.
  • A server being unresponsive for more than 15 minutes.

The thresholds listed above have been carefully selected to avoid the generation of tickets for transitory problems or unrelated issues. For example, a brief loss of broadband connectivity to a server should not immediately generate a ‘server down’ ticket.

Ticket Suppression

Automatic creation of a ticket for these events is supressed during server installation and maintenance activities, to avoid the creating of ticket during a planned outage.

The following situations will supress the automatic creation of tickets:

  • Installation of a new server. Events will create tickets only after server staging has completed.
  • Planned maintenance by the Support Team. All tickets from these events will be supressed.
  • When the Commissioning Console has been used to stop a Custom VM. The ‘down’ state of the Custom VM will not result in the generation of a ticket until the Custom VM is started again.

Note that even when ticket creation is supressed, the status of these events can be seen in the Monitoring Console.

Ticket Content

Automatically generated tickets contain information about the end-user, server and the event that has occurred.

The subject field includes:

  • The end-user organization name
  • The server’s Cluster ID
  • The type of event that has occurred

The ticket’s description includes the same information and, in addition, a ‘message’ field describing the event.

Ticket Assignment

The Support Portal defines Tickets, Users and Organizations. These are structured to make it easy for the right ticket to get to the right person, even in situations where multiple team members of the IT service provider may be responsible for monitoring the server.

  • An IT service provider is represented as a single Organization.
  • An individual team member is a User within the IT service provider’s Organization. They are usually assigned permission to see all tickets for all Users within the Organization.
  • Tickets are assigned to a single User.

When a ticket is automatically created, it is assigned to the user in the support portal that has been identified as the server’s primary contact in the Commissioning Console, Communication Preferences settings.

Accessing or Receiving Tickets

Tickets automatically created (and created manually by the Support Team) can be viewed by:

  • The user who owns the tickets, by viewing their activity in the Support Portal.
  • Other members of the user’s organization, by viewing their activity in the Support Portal.
  • Via the optional PSA integration [Link to How to Integrate with PSA Systems] which imports all tickets belonging to the authorized user’s organization.
  • Optional via email to the server’s primary contact set in the Commissioning Console, Communication Preferences settings – Please request this form of notification from the Support Team.


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