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Service Description

HPE ProLiant Easy Connect provides tightly integrated compute, storage, networking and virtualization services deployed on-site, pre-integrated with cloud services, and managed remotely from the cloud.

As a hybrid IT solution, Easy Connect comprises on-premises, cloud, and support services:

  • Deployed on premises, Easy Connect provides local IT services and virtual machine resources for custom applications.
  • Easy Connect is delivered as a managed service. The Easy Connect Support Team provides on-going monitoring, patching and update services.
  • Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery ensures customer data is secured-off site and restoration of both data and applications is possible in the event of a server being damaged.
  • The Easy Connect Cloud Management Platform provides IT service providers with remote configuration, management and monitoring of their Easy Connect inventory.

Service Features

All Easy Connect deployments include certified hardware and a subscription to the Easy Connect service. This constitutes the core product offering, below.

Optional services are available to compliment the core product offering. These are listed separately in this section.

Core Product

Cloud Managed

Managed Service. Configured, monitored and managed by HPE Easy Connect Support Team


Cloud Management Platform. IT service providers have access to multi-site server configuration, management and monitoring


Local dashboard. User Control Console provides local service status monitoring


Keep Current Service

Keep Current. IT and curated applications are patched and updated by HPE’s automated processes


Keep Secure. Secure, monitored and automatically able to identify both internal and external security threats


Keep Integrated. Pre-integrated and updated to make use of cloud back-up and Single sign-on to cloud applications


Keep Running. Self-healing architecture and on-going performance monitoring and tuning


File Share

File Share. Individual file storage and group file shares on resilient high-performance disk arrays


Local Backup. File history allows users to self-serve restoration of deleted file and previous file versions



Compute Resources

Custom Virtual Machines. Compute capacity to host on-premises applications. Allocate CPUs, RAM and storage to virtual machines for local applications


Network Functions

DNS and DHCP. Critical network services on-premises


Firewall. ICSA certified firewall protects LAN-side applications, data and users


IPsec. On the public Internet, securely connects multiple sites using IPsec and next generation firewall


VPN. Secure remote access to services for users and IT administrators


User Management

User Control Console. Individual user and group administration via a web interface


Active Directory. User credential management, installed on-server, with the option of deploying a new Domain Controller or joining and existing one


SSO. Support for Single Sign On to Microsoft Office 365



Reliable & Resilient

Local Backup. Appliances feature redundant disk arrays and local data backup


High Availability. Option to combine two Easy Connect servers for dual-node clustering with automated failover




System Care. Repair of appliance hardware with HPE hardware care package (subject to regional availability)


Support. Service is backed by Easy Connect Support team and modern IT support systems


Enhanced PCI-DSS Support Product

Compliant Retail IT

QSA Audited. Independently audited Easy Connect software, service and processes deliver PCI-DSS 3.2 compliant IT, as defined by a Matrix of Responsibility (MoR) and Attestation of Compliance (AoC)


PCI-DSS Compliant Service Provider. Easy Connect Support Team operate as a PCI-DSS Tier 1 Service Provider


Auditing. Heightened security event and log auditing by the Easy Connect Support Team


Secure. Hardened security features enabled in the Cloud Management Platform and on Easy Connect servers


Policy. Enforcement of compliant intrusion prevention measures such as password policy, failed-logon blocking, and port blocking


Gateway Product

Security and Control

Firewall. ICSA certified firewall protects LAN-side applications, data and users


Web Filter. Enables blocking of inappropriate web content in real-time. The URL categorization engine makes it easy to block websites in over 140 categories


Bandwidth Control. Control and visualization of network traffic at a fine-grained level


Virus-Blocker. On-the wire anti-virus scanning automatically scans HTTP, FTP and SMTP traffic




Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Product

Business Continuity

Cloud Backup. Nightly incremental backup of system configuration, user files, and Virtual Machine data to cloud storage


Disaster Recovery. Temporary access to users data in the cloud in the event of a major outage, followed by data restoration to your replacement hardware

Windows Server Products

Windows Server

Single Instance for VMs. Windows Server Standard Edition for deployment in to an Easy Connect custom Virtual Machine


Multiple Instances for VMs. Unlimited Windows Server Standard Edition licenses for deployment in to an Easy Connect custom Virtual Machine

Note – For dual-server High Availability deployment, Windows licenses for custom VMs must be purchased for both servers.


Microsoft RDS Product

Remote Access

Remote Desktop. Microsoft RDS per-user licenses for remote access to custom VM applications or desktop instances. Desktops or application configuration and contents are managed by the IT service provider

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