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Preparing ConnectWise for Easy Connect Integration

This article discusses the steps taken to prepare an IT service providers ConnectWise PSA, for integration with the Easy Connect Support Portal. For a more general overview and the steps to set-up PSA integration please read How to Integrate with PSA Systems.

The following procedures should be carried out once by the IT Service Provider, as well as QA personnel in the test environment, and before enabling the integration via the PSA Integration Admin utility.

NOTE: The entire preparation process should be carried out using the ConnectWise Manage Client and not using the web interface.

Create an API Member

  • System > Members > API Member Tab
  • Click (+) to create a New API Member
  • Fill in the required fields
  • Click the ‘save’ button

Create API Member Keys

  • Click on API Keys tab from new the Member
  • Click (+) to create new API Keys
  • Fill in a description and click the ‘save’ button
  • Keys are generated and displayed; copy the keys for later use




Create a Cluster Configuration Type

  • System > Setup Tables
  • Choose ‘Company’ in the Category column
  • Choose ‘Configuration’ in the Table column




Create a Cluster Configuration Type – cont.


  • Click (+) to create a new configuration type
  • Enter ‘HPE_RMM_Cluster’ for Configuration Type Name
  • Click the ‘save’ button


Add the Cluster IDs to Each Company

This section will be repeated for every HPE ProLiant Easy Connect server installed. Each ConnectWise customer account that has an HPE ProLiant Easy Connect server installed, and once for each cluster that belongs to this account. This step must be performed to enable the receipt of tickets in ConnectWise for HPE ProLiant Easy Connect servers, if this step is not performed ticket synchronization will not occur.

  • Service Desk > Configurations
  • Click (+) to create a new configuration
  • Enter the cluster ID for Configuration Name
  • Populate the Company field by searching the company name in the list
  • Click the ‘save’ button



Set Reference Number to the HPE ProLiant Easy Connect Cluster ID exactly as it shows in the Commissioning Console.


ConnectWise Service Boards

Select a Service Board

  • Service Desk > Service Board
  • Location > select ‘View All’
  • Business Unit > select ‘View All’
  • Service Board > select the desired service board
  • This will show the list of tickets assigned to this board (if any)
  • NOTE: For the board to be used in the integration, the API Member needs to have permissions to use this board



Configure a Service Board

  • System > Setup Tables > Category = “Service”, Table = “Service Board”
  • Select desired board from list


Member Access Tab:

  • Controls access to this board
  • Only boards to which the API Member has access can participate in the integration.

Teams Tab:

  • At least one (default) team needs to be assigned to the board for tickets to be assigned to it.
  • If the board has no teams assigned, a team can be added by pressing the (+) symbol

Statuses Tab:

  • Statuses need to be created for the board for tickets to be assigned to it.
  • If the board has no statuses, they can be created by pressing the (+) symbol




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