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Full cloud backup disk transfer service


This service enables Easy Connect customers to benefit from the Easy Connect Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery option even if the available Internet upload bandwidth on their premises is insufficient to transfer a full backup to the Cloud in a timescale which allows them to achieve their recovery point (RPO) requirements.  This service should not however be purchased (and nor should the Cloud Backup and Recovery option) if the upload bandwidth is insufficient to transfer the daily incremental backups to the Cloud sufficiently rapidly that it meets their RPO requirements.

The service includes (a) a one-time full backup of the customer’s Easy Connect server immediately following the installation of the server and the migration of any applications and data to it by the customer, and (b) regular full backups (typically annually but it may vary at the discretion of the Easy Connect Support Team based on the rate of change of the customer’s data) of the Easy Connect server throughout the contract.

The Support Team will send the primary contact in the customer’s organisation a USB disk on each of the occasions that a backup is to be taken and this disk shall be used to hold the full backup of the server.  Once the backup process has been run, a process that the customer initiates having received the disk by contacting the Easy Connect Support Team, the disk is returned to the Easy Connect Operations Centre in a pre-addressed package that is supplied with the disk.

The  Support Team will use all reasonable endeavours to have completed the upload of the backup from the disk into the Cloud within two business days of that disk being received by the Support Team from the customer.


1) Ensure that your server has completed Installation and Commissioning. 

2) When you receive the USB Hard disk, plug the USB cable into a USB 3.0 port on your server. The USB 3.0 ports are coloured blue.

3) Plug the power adaptor into the USB hard disk, and into a power source

4) Contact the Support Team to let them know you have connected the USB hard disk

--The Support Team will now perform the full backup to the USB disk--

5) When the backup is complete the Support Team will let you know, and you can then disconnect the USB hard disk.

6) Put the USB hard disk into the protective case it was sent in, put it into the supplied postal bag and send it back to us to the address on the bag. It must be sent via a postal service or courier where there is tracking and a signature on delivery.

7) The Support Team will then upload your backup into the cloud


Please note that all data on the USB hard disk is encrypted.

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