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How to integrate with PSA Systems

Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems are often used by IT service providers to collate and manage the resolution of software and hardware issues.

ProLiant Easy Connect supports integration with PSA system using their ability to convert email-based alerts in to tickets.

Tickets generated in the ProLiant Easy Connect Support Portal can be emailed to either an individual or to an inbox associated with the PSA. PSA systems that are able to automatically process in-bound emails can therefore benefit from timely, automated updates on high-priority events generated by Easy Connect servers.

Email integration may require add-on features to be enabled in the PSA. For example, Connectwise provides the optional Email Connector.

This optional integration allows the IT service provider to be confident that their ProLiant Easy Connect inventory is functioning correctly, and they will be alerted to any issues that either requires their attention to fix, or which has an impact on their end users’ experience.

Easy Connect Support Portal and Tickets

The ProLiant Easy Connect Support Portal, based on the popular ZenDesk platform, provides a ticketing system for logging and resolving issues. Tickets are created manually by the ProLiant Easy Connect Support Team and IT service provider, or automatically by monitoring processes on the server and in the Cloud Management Platform. Tickets can be accessed directly from the ProLiant Easy Connect Support Portal, when a user logs-in using credentials that are associated with the IT service provider.

Enabling PSA Integration

For Easy Connect

From within the Commissioning Console, enter the email address of your PSA system in the Technical contact field.

For Your PSA Software

Follow the guidelines provided by your PSA provider about processing inbound emails.

The objective is to take an email sent from the Easy Connect Support Portal, and create a ‘new’ ticket in the PSA. Once in the PSA, the new ticket has its own lifecycle, one which is under your full control in terms of setting priority, status and assignment to your own staff.

You will need to assign an inbound email address to the PSA, the details of which should be supplied to the Easy Connect Support Team to allow them to configure sending of tickets.

It may also be beneficial to record Easy Connect ‘Cluster IDs’ (listed in the Commissioning Console) against your PSA’s customer or inventory records. This would provide the data necessary to map Easy Connect tickets to those PSA records.

You can then configure the PSA to process inbound emails in a way appropriate to your own support policies. Examples include:

  • Assign all tickets from the Easy Connect Support Team to your Easy Connect experts.
  • Associate the ticket to a particular customer, based on the Easy Connect server’s ‘Cluster ID’.
  • Prioritize the ticket, depending on the event that has occurred.


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