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How does an Mac OS X user connect via VPN?

To connect to VPN from a Mac OS X client computer, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download and install an OpenVPN client for Mac OS X
  2. Login to the Gateway Control Console and download the appropriate client config file (typically called "client.ovpn")
  3. Run the OpenVPN client with the downloaded client config file

A popular OpenVPN client for Mac OS X is Tunnelblick. It can be obtained for free from Follow these basic steps to use Tunnelblick with OpenVPN:

  • Download the Tunnelblick_version.dmg file from
  • Open the downloaded disk image file (which mounts the disk image).
  • Drag the Tunnelblick icon (may be labelled "") to your Applications folder.

Here are instructions on how to setup a VPN account for an end user: CLICK HERE

  • After logging in to the Gateway Control Console, download the client.ovpn file
  • Open the client.ovpn with the TunnelBlick application, which will import the configuration
  • Run Tunnelblick by double-clicking its icon in the Applications folder.

The first time Tunnelblick is run on a given Mac, it will ask the user for the user's password (on the Mac system). This is because Tunnelblick must have root privileges to run, as it modifies network settings as part of connecting to the VPN.

For more information on using Tunnelblick, see the Using Tunnelblick

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