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How to change the server's WAN IP address

You can change the WAN IP address of your server from the User Control Console

Please note that the WAN and LAN IP addresses have to be on different IP subnets. Further details can be found in the article Decide how to integrate into your existing network

Please ensure that you take extreme caution when modifying the WAN and LAN IP addresses, as changing these settings can render your server inaccessible.

To change your WAN IP address

The WAN IP address is the IP address assigned to the WAN port on your server, and needs to be connected to your Internet connection.

The WAN IP address can be a public or private IP address.

If you give your server a private IP address for the WAN port because it will sit behind a firewall, you need open up some ports on the firewall. Further details can be found in the article How to install a server behind a firewall.

Step 1. Logon to the User Control Console

Step 2. Click on Settings at the top of the page

Step 3. Click on WAN Interface

Step 4. Enter the new IP address details.

  • If you wish to manually enter the IP address, select No from the DHCP Enabled pull down menu. Enter in the IP address, Default Gateway and Subnet mask
  • If you wish to get an IP address from DHCP, select DHCP from the pull down menu.

Step 5. Enter the Download and Upload Bandwidth of your Internet connection. 

It is important that you measure the speed of your Internet connection, and enter in the download and upload speeds, so the Quality of Service (QOS) settings work correctly.

We recommend you go to to run a speed test, and then enter in the Download and Upload speeds here.

Further details

Step 6. Click Confirm

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