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How To Recover A File Or Folder Using Previous Versions

You can use Previous Versions to recover files or folders from an earlier point in time. This can be done from any Windows computer on the domain, and you can of course use the ZMANAGE virtual machine which is running on your server.


  1. Navigate to the folder or file that you wish to recover.

  2. Right click on the folder containing the item you wish to recover and select Properties from the menu that appears.

  3. On the Properties window, click the Previous Versions tab.


  4. Highlight the version date of the item that you want to recover. 

  5. While there are several options for recovering an item, we recommend using the View & Copy method.  To copy the contents of the folder, click on the appropriate folder and then click Open. A Windows Explorer window will open with the contents of the previous version of the folder.


  6. Right-click on the item that you wish to recover and select the Copy menu item.
  7. Navigate to the location on your machine where you wish the item to reside and select thePaste menu item.
  8. Open a new Windows Explorer window by double-clicking the computer icon in order to ensure that you are not using the previous version window.
  9. Close all open windows when finished.
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