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How to delete a user

You can only disable users in the User Control Console - not delete them. If you wish to delete a User Account, you can do this in Active Directory by following the below instructions.


Step 1) Logon by remote desktop to the ZDC (domain controller) Virtual machine. You can find out the IP address of the ZDC virtual machine from the Commissioning Console. (This Virtual machine has an IP address with the last octet being .144)

You can use a local domain admin account, or your Management account to log in to the ZDCE virtual machine. If using your Management account, you must use the ZCP domain prefix with your username to logon. Eg ZCP\username.dfg.


Step 2) Open up Active Directory Users and Computers

Step 3) Click on the Zynstra OU and then the cluster ID in the left hand window to show all users.


Step 4)  In the right hand window right Click on the User that you want to delete and click Delete from the menu that appears.

Step 5) Click Yes do delete the user, and the user will then be permanently deleted from AD.

Step 6) Next you need to delete the users file share AD objects. To do this, in the left hand window Open the OU called HAP, Shares, Cluster-ID, and click on user.


Step 7) In the right hand window, right click on the share that you want to delete and click on Delete.

Step 8) Click Yes to confirm the deletiion, and then if prompted select yes again to delete the TGree

Step 9) The user and User Share have now been deleted. After approx 2 hours the share will no longer be visible on the fileserver.




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