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Release Note 2.50. (September 2018)


Release 2.5.0 includes platform updates and new features for users managing Custom VMs.

Highlights include:      

  • VLAN Tagging. Set VLAN tags for Custom VM network interfaces in the Commissioning Console.
  • Console Access. Console-level access to Custom VMs for pre-boot and OS diagnostic tasks.


Release 2.5.0 will be deployed to new servers from September 27th 2018. The Support Team will contact customers in order to schedule the date of server upgrades.


New Features     

VLAN Tag Management in Commissioning Console

The Zynstra Commissioning Console now allows a Custom VM network interface to be assigned a VLAN tag.

The Network VLAN field can be found in each Custom VM tab and accepts a standard IEEE 802.1Q decimal formatted VLAN tag.

This new feature allows VLAN configuration to be completed by the IT Service Provider, a task that previously would have been delegated to the Zynstra Support Team.

Console Access to Custom VMs                                                                              

Console access to Custom VMs is now available from the Zynstra Commissioning Console.

The Console button can be found in Windows Server based Custom VM tabs. It provides an alternative means of connecting to the VM, along with the existing RDP capability. Unlike RDP, the console can connect before the host operating systems has booted or when the operating system is non-functional, allowing the user to see pre-boot messages and carry out diagnostics.


Keep Current                                                                              

Linux patches have been applied to relevant core server VMs.

Other software component updates in this release also include:

  • Untangle 13.2.1
  • Xen 4.8.3
  • ZFS 0.7.9-1
  • Linux Kernel 4.4.0-127

Known Issues


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